About us

We are Janet Mulder and Barend Meulenbeld and live in Barger-Compascuum, with our daughter Paula , our dogs and other pets.

Our kennelname "Marakoopa" is authentic Aboriginal from Australia and means "handsome".

Growing up with rough collies in the past we came into contact with smooth collies.

We learned more about smooth collies and the breed  appealed to us very much.

In 2003, when one of our dogs passed away, we desperately wanted a smooth collie.

After a visit to Anita van Bussel‘s kennels "van Hobbit's Home", we decided to look further in Europe

because in the Netherlands there were no dogs available.

After some inquiries in Finland and Germany we contacted Andrea Cürten from Whashishi's.

She had puppies and after a visit to her kennels we got our first smooth bitch, a tricolor, Fjurdy.

After some consideration and thought we decided in 2005 to take a male, Fellow, a sable.

There had to be a blue-merle in our kennels and after some disappointments we found Yatho

at Turella's in Germany and we instantly knew, this is the one!
He came to our house in January 2006

In the meantime "Yindi" (October 2006), daughter of Fjurdy and Fellow, stayed with us to expand the kennels.

In March 2008 Fjurdy‘s second litter was born.
The sire is Zap, and Bega (Burilda) , one of the daughters, found a place with us.

Our dogs are not only showdogs: They also have to "work", in obedience, agility, cycling and competitions.

They also take part in endurance tests.

We breed only with dogs which are CEA/PRA free and have hips classed HD A or B.

Eyes will be tested with app 6 weeks.

We keep our dogs in our home and they are as well-socialised as possible.

We hope that you enjoy our site.